Thursday, May 28, 2015

Homeschooling Down On The Farm

Relocating to a different location isn't always an easy thing to do.  We have lived in our new home for a little over seven months.  In some ways it's like we have been here forever, and in other ways it's like we just got here.

One of the most difficult elements has been getting to know new people.  I think it's easy to get entrenched in the things we do and the people that we know, that we just don't give much thought into reaching out to others.  I know I never really did.  But, being in a new place and being the newbie has given me a new appreciation for just saying "Hi!" and trying to make connections with others.

One of the most unique places we have visited is called Stone Garden Farm in Richfield, Ohio.  The main house was built just after the War Between the States, and really maintains the old feel.  On the property are tons of houses and small buildings that they have collected over the years.  There's an old postoffice, a wagon repair shop and a general store, to name a few.  It almost feels like a small town.  Driving by their property you would never guess what is behind all those trees.  The family offers a CSA and sells eggs, honey and maple syrup.  The property is also home to a Museum style old farm equipment, tools, name it.

The reason that we visited it to begin with is because of the homeschooling group that gets together there on Tuesdays.  It is an informal get together, but really offers the children a chance to see a real working farm.  They get to help harvest the vegetables, and share in the all the fun snacks other families bring to share.  It's also great for moms to connect and share ideas.

The farm has your typical charming barnyard friends: goats, baby sheep, chickens, bunnies, a cow and a pig.  My children think the only thing missing is a horse.  

Here are a few pictures from our weeks spent down on the farm.

We are looking forward to many more Tuesdays filled with exploring and getting to know new friends, both human and furry!

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