Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Myrtle Beach Round Two

I will admit, Myrtle Beach in January isn't exactly a tropical paradise, but our house back home was buried in snow and the thermometer was reading around zero degrees.   So, to be out and about with only a light jacket was a huge blessing for us.  Raining, jumping, looking at new things....wonderful!

As we were planning for this trip it hit Andy and I that as parents of teenagers our time with them is getting shorter by the day.  We want to really spend time with them and connect as much as possible. This was one of those trips that we still enjoy talking about and looking at pictures.  Speaking of pictures...

I really do love taking photos.  My favorite is taking pictures of my children, but a close second is God's Creation.

I have one last round to share with you.  We took a day trip to Charleston while we were there.  Such a pretty town!

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