Tuesday, December 16, 2014

When Your Bodies At Home But Your Mind Isn't part 2

A week or so ago I posted part 1 of this two part series.  Take a quick peek back if you missed it.  I hope you were able to use an idea or two in your own everyday walk.  I have just a few more things to add....I can be long winded like that.

5)  I think all moms are guilty of this at one time or another, but we need to stop taking ourselves so seriously.  We forget and put away those things that our husbands found so appealing in the first place; the things that made us...us!  Obviously some things can't be the same, but sneak back in one at a time those things that made you unique (Do it slowly so you don't frighten the kids).  Put some fun, flashy polish on those toes, put away the flip flops and buy yourself some cute sandals and ask your husband on a date! Lighten up. Go for it, whatever "it" is for you.

6)  Reevaluate your daily schedule.  It seems that the added responsibilities and activities have a way of sneaking in and robbing our homes of peace.  After the kids are down for the night take out your calendar and a red pen.  What could you remove?  Could you combine some of the running on the same day?  Is there a relative that might run your child here or there a week or two out of the month.  Look for solutions that work for the whole family.  Remember that you are queen of your castle and the royal carriage only rolls where you decree :)

7)  Set a bedtime for your children.  You and your husband need the time to unwind and reconnect.  If your children aren't small, then set some parameters.  Our children don't have a TV in their room, but they read, play games or draw.  This gives Andy and I a chance to catch our breath.  Dig out a favorite game you used to play, for us it was Scrabble.  Put on some soothing music, grab a favorite drink and relax!

One of our special treats is chocolate fondue.  Head to the baking aisle at the grocery store and head to the baking section.  There you will find a little container of chocolate that you put in the microwave.  Next, think of what sounds good with melted chocolate.  Strawberries, bananas, cherries, marshmallows, pound cake cut into cubes....

Display your goodies on a pretty plate, grab some napkins (You will need them) and enjoy!

I hope these ideas have been a help to you.  What kind of things do you do to unwind?  What are some things you and your spouse haven't done in a while?  What better time than now?

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