Wednesday, September 30, 2015

6 Reasons To Buy Handmade Felt Toys and a Giveaway

Is there really any such thing as the 'perfect toy?'  There are 1000's of options out there.  Talking toys, educational toys, pretend play, action figures... and the list goes on and on.

What if I told you that I think there is something pretty close to the perfect toy... well, in my oh so humble opinion.

Toys made of felt.  Yep. Felt.  I really love the stuff, and I think you should, too.  Why?  Well, I'm glad that you asked.  Here are 6 reasons to buy handmade felt toys.

1.  Felt toys can be made from recycled material.  Did you know that eco-felt is actually made from recycled plastic?  Instead of shipping those empty bottles off to the landfill, put them into the recycling bin where they can be turned into adorable keepsakes for your child!

2.  They can be thrown in the washer and dryer.  Toys get dirty.  They get run over by bicycle tires, sneezed on, dribbled on and plastered with dropped mac and cheese.  Not a problem.  Toss them in the washer with a little detergent, then into the dryer and they will come out looking bright, clean and ready for round two... or ten depending if your children are like mine.

3.  Unlike some wooden and plastic toys, felt is lightweight, soft, easy to hold and huggable.  Their is nothing snuggly about a wooden cookie, but there is something charming and delightful about a soft pink sprinkled felt cookie!  Have a thrower in your home?  No worries.  A felt banana used as a sword isn't going to hurt anyone the way a wooden or plastic one would.

4.  They are long lasting.  I don't know about you, but toy shopping is not on the top of my to do list.  I like to have our home stocked with toys that are easy to maintain, well loved and allow for open ended play.  I have found felt food hidden in nooks and crannies that after a wash they are as good as new.  The fact that they are so cute and fun means you will want them to stay around for a little while.  These toys will be around for your grandchildren.

5.  If you are buying handmade, the toys can be customized to reflect the uniqueness of your child, or the recipient of a gift.  Want purple pancakes with orange icing and pink syrup?  No problem.  Need a set of dainty felt cookies for your daughters next tea party... but she really likes zebra print... no big deal.  That is the fun of buying handmade.

6.  Skip the big box stores, skip the big box online stores, and check out something handmade by the wonderful artists all over the world that genuinely love what they are creating.  I know as a felt toy maker I find true joy in picking out every element that goes into the creations I make.  I am sure it is like that for so many crafters out there.

So, have I convinced you yet?  Are you wanting to find out for yourself how to get your hands on some of these wonderfully fun Felt Toys?

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