Friday, July 24, 2015

It's Sew Time

This Summer has given me the opportunity to get a little more crafting and projects completed for my etsy shop.   I have had little piles of sweetness...felt and cute buttons...lying around just waiting for me to sew them up.

The schoolwork from this past school year is graded and put away, and the lessons for this coming year are set and ready to go.'s sew time!!

I added a few sets of adorable magnets and a few sets of felt cookies.  The cookies are so cute for a tea party or added to a play kitchen.  The magnets would add a pop of lovely color and softness to any magnetic surface.

Take a peek for yourself!

If you haven't spent any time on Etsy, I encourage you to take a look around.  There are so many wonderful crafters.  Have a great weekend!

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