Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Fun With Legos and Some Great Resources

If you have children at home the odds that they own Lego's is pretty good.  Maybe you did, but I had no idea that Lego actually has a curriculum that you can use from Preschool through High School.
 You can check it out here.  You can also request a print catalog, which I always prefer. 

They started out with those chunky ones, then they graduated to Duplos, and now at last count I think we have 345,998,335,964,000,00 pieces here, there, and everywhere of the regular size bricks.

Wheels, helmets, itty bitty arms, building blocks...

Wheels, helmets, itty bitty arms, bricks...you know how it is.  Around here its just not enough to build things:  they make movies, receive the monthly Lego magazine in the mail, enter projects in our local fair, and build things they can use with other building projects.

I have to admit I like to build with them, too.


This is a great site if your children (or yourself, I won't tell)  have lost your building instructions.

How do you store all those instructions?  I would like to tell you I keep them by subject in a 3-ring binder labeled by project.  But...I would be lying.  I am really not sure where they are.   But..I have the Internet at my fingertips for just such a time as this.

If your family loves Lego's as much as our family, you have to check out the movie:
"Jericho, A Promise Fulfilled."  You can purchase it here:  shatterpointentertainment.com
Very cool!

For tons of Lego ideas, printables, resources, games, etc., check out the blog Homegrown Learners.  She has enough Lego inspired ideas to keep your children busy for a log time!

What things do your family like to build with Legos?  Leave me a comment, or post a picture on my Facebook Page.

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