Friday, April 1, 2016

Grand Re-Opening For The Felt Food Market

I am so excited!  The day is finally here.  I have been cutting, sewing, and photo-taking for months.  

Anyone that has ever made something by hand knows that it takes time, patience and commitment.  But, it is so worth it.  Sitting back and looking at the inventory of finished felt food really brings me joy.

Joy that I am excited to share with you and those you love.

So, please head on over to Sunshine by Channon Felt Food Market and take a peek.  Grab a shopping cart and put together a fun basket of food to start a play kitchen for your little one, or package up for a unique, handmade gift.  Use code GRANDOPENING to get free shipping.

The exciting part about my shop is that the fun will just keep coming!  

There are many more felt fruits, vegetable, bakery items, pantry goods and all around yummy felt treats in the works.  Check back here every Friday for shop updates that will let you know when new items will be listed, as well as sale items and giveaways.

Follow along on Social Media to see behind the scenes photos and crafty news that you can use in your own crafting journey.

Join me! 

Shop ~ Create ~ Dream Big! 

Felt Food Market

for free shipping!

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