Thursday, June 25, 2015

Aquariums, Zoology and Field Trips

There is something magical about observing the underwater world.  The way the light filters through the water.  The bright, colorful fish darting here and there.  The chill that goes down your back when you look at those huge, sharp teeth on the sharks, even though the sharks themselves aren't all that big...well, at least at the aquarium. 

Young or old, learning more about God's Creation is a good thing.

Over the winter we took a trip to the aquarium.  What fun!  I love that my teenagers enjoyed it as much as my little ones.  We were on vacation near the ocean, which made the aquarium even more wonderful.

Before we left for our trip I made sure to grab some books that related to the things we might see:  books on the ocean, sea creatures, even frogs and toads.  This helped create a little anticipation.  

The study of zoology has been a huge interest for my son.  He had finished Aplogia's Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day  and had just begun Apologia's Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day.  What wonderful timing for a trip to the ocean and aquarium.  He has since finished this book, and enjoyed it so much. He loves to draw, and the journal that is a companion to the book, was an enjoyable addition to his studies.  I am amazed at the fun facts and knowledge he has retained.  It is a wonderful example that when we allow children the freedom to explore those things that they love, they will enjoy learning for the sake of learning.  Not just to regurgitate facts.

Here are a few examples of his work:

This has been a wonderful fit for my son.  He is looking forward to Apologia's Land Animals of the Sixth Day.  

I personally have a fascination with the water.  My husband and I both would love to live near the ocean someday.  Until then we will have to continue reading wonderful books!  I just came across the book Pagoo a few weeks ago.  It is the story of a hermit crab and his life in the tide pool.  I am looking forward to reading it to the children.

Here is one more picture from our trip.  Some of the children were brave enough to pet the stingrays, some of us were not.  Which would explain the pictures taken from across the room.  


  1. How fun! We love the aquariums we've gone to. You mentioned you were on the coast? Which aquarium did you all visit, if I may ask. We have only been to a couple; Newport aquarium in Oregon and one in Wisconsin.

    1. We went to the aquarium in Myrtle Beach, it was a really nice one. We haven't been to many, either, but this one was wonderful. Thanks for stopping by North Laurel :)