Friday, December 19, 2014

Socrates Meets Jesus :: Teen Book Review

My son, Andrew, has been learning Traditional Logic from Memoria Press this year.  Socrates Meets Jesus is one of the books recommended to accompany this curriculum. 

- In this clever book, Socrates makes mincemeat of the arguments of skeptics who want to abandon reason when it comes to Christianity. Because of the copious use of logical syllogisms, this book makes a great supplement to Traditional Logic.

Here is Andrew's review.  

Socrates Meets Jesus is a fictional story on what would happen if Socrates (Greek mastermind and philosopher) suddenly awoke in the year 1987.

I think this book was very good.  I personally don't like the way he wrote it, but overall it was a very good book.  Socrates, who died in ancient Athens before Jesus Christ was even born, suddenly awoke to find that he had been enrolled in a major university.  He met Bertha Broadmind who helped him find out what he was doing.  His student Plato hadn't invented the university yet when he died, so it was all foreign to him.

Socrates and Bertha had many discussions on the present society and culture.  He asked and tried to find the answers to many questions including: Was Jesus a fundamentalist?  Were Jesus' teachings to be taken literally or treated as fiction?  And are miracles unscientific?  

Towards the end he comes to believe in Jesus.  The book concludes with Socrates and a mysterious janitor being carried off to another place and time.

I would read this book again.

Andrew is a freshman in high school.  He enjoys reading historical fiction, especially European history.  He loves playing piano and soccer.  His intentions are to become a lawyer after graduation.


  1. Thanks Andrew! I love hearing what young adults think about books they are reading!

    1. He has lots to say :) Thank you for taking the time to read!