Friday, December 19, 2014

Resources to Make 'Little Women' Come Alive

After I picked out my Classic Club 50 List, I decided to start with 'Little Women'.  I thought it would be a fun, easy read that I could share with the children.  I have started reading this book numerous times, but for some reason or another, I never finished it.
I read a great review over at  Sparrow Tree Square.  After reading her review,  I was even more excited to pick it up.

I also ordered this version of the movie to use for movie night.

As I was thinking about sharing this book with the Littles, I knew that they would be a lot more interested in this book if there were some hands-on activities.  Here are a few fun ideas I found around the web.

Remember paper dolls? I loved playing with them as a little girl.  I wrote about it here.  I found a few online that would be lots of fun.  The dolls and their period clothes would lend themselves well to acting out other classics of this time period.   Check them out here.

During those long wintry days sometimes we need something to fill up our afternoons.  How about pulling out this fun cookbook, or this book of Games, Recipes, Crafts and Other Homemade Pleasures.  Both will transport you back to Civil War times.

What about a Little Women birthday party?  It would be such fun to dress up like your favorite sister or have a tea party.  We don't have a birthday during the week between Christmas and New Year, but we take a break from lessons.  This might be a lovely way to enjoy our quite time together.  I came across the site,  Louisa May Alcott's Orchard Home, while researching for this post.  Along with a fun history lesson, the site gives fun ideas for birthday parties, games, period costumes and party favors.  They also have a Museum Store that might be the perfect spot for some Christmas Shopping!

Take a look at the fun list of 10 Lovely Handmade Items Inspired by Little Women over at 'babble'.  I especially love the peg dolls painted to represent the sisters.  What a fabulous gift for my girls!

I also came across a few more books that were heavy on pictures and would be more appropriate for the younger set.  Besides, who can resist a good picture book!  A Little Women Christmas is a lovely retelling of the Christmas when their father makes a surprise visit for Christmas Dinner.

If you prefer an EReader book you can purchase the complete 8 Book Set of Little Women for $2.99.  The story is divided up into 8 chapter books with beautiful illustrations.

It may not be possible to get through all these activities, sometimes life and grand intentions don't go together.  But, I hope you will give at least one a try.

I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes from the book taken from goodreads:

“Don't laugh at the spinsters, dear girls, for often very tender, tragic romances are hidden away in the hearts that beat so quietly under the sober gowns, and many silent sacrifices of youth, health, ambition, love itself, make the faded faces beautiful in God's sight. Even the sad, sour sisters should be kindly dealt with, because they have missed the sweetest part of life, if for no other reason.” 
― Louisa May AlcottLittle Women


  1. My girls love this book and have read it a number of times!

  2. Thanks for these great resources! Every black friday, we skip the crowds, and my two daughters and I cuddle up on the couch to watch the Little Women movie. We love it so much we bought the soundtrack - which is our all time favorite album for getting in a festive mood! It was less than $10 on Amazon for the mp3 album and never fails to put us all in a great mood. You can get it here- It's hard to find in stores. Thanks again for the inspiration!

  3. THanks for sharing on PIntastic Pinteresting Party this is a great resource