Friday, December 19, 2014

Learning About Learning the Charlotte Mason Way

The idea that vivifies that 'Education is a Science of Relations;'
by which phrase we mean that children come into the world with a natural [appetite] for,
and affinity with, all the materials for knowledge;
for interest in the heroic past and in the age of myths;

for a desire to know about everything that moves and lives,
 about strange places and strange people;
for a wish to handle material and to make;
a desire to run and ride and row and do whatever the law of gravitation permits.
Therefore...we endeavor that he shall have relations of pleasure and intimacy
established with as many possible of the interests proper to him;
not learning a slight incomplete smattering about this or that subject,
but plunging into vital knowledge,
with a great field before him which in all his life he will not be able to explore.
In the conception we get that 'touch of emotion' which vivifies knowledge,
for it is probable that we feel only as we are brought into our proper vital relations.

Charlotte Mason
School Education

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