Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Heritage Days and A History Challenge

With Summer sitting on our doorstep, I am sure many of you have some wonderful vacations planned.  Having 7 children can make a simple vacation...rather...well complicated :)
 We have enough bodies for 2 hotel rooms, but with so many little ones, getting them their own hotel room is kinda out of the question.

We really try to make an effort to vacation locally.  There are so many wonderful things to see in our own backyards!

My husband is always on the lookout for day trips our family can enjoy.  Festivals, carnivals, local museums...

This weekend we visited the Wood County Historical Center and Museum for their Heritage Festival.  It was a lot of hands on fun for the children.  Annie washed laundry on an old fashioned washboard, they petted little goats,  'ironed' with the heavy cast irons, and saw how wool was turned into yarn for weaving.  

I suppose we could spend our Summer in one of those air conditioned over-crowded malls. With so many places to go and see, no thank you.

If you are in the area and would like to visit yourself, you can view the Calendar of Events here.

How many of you stop and read those road side markers?  You know the ones that tell us about our unique and fascinating history.  I challenge you to stop and read them next time you come across one.    Read it, get back in the car and google the event, place or person.  Have someone in your car read it aloud to discuss with everyone.   Keep a journal in your glove box and keep track of names and locations.  If there is something that really interested you or your children use it for a history lesson starter.

You will be amazed what you learn!  Happy learning!

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