Saturday, September 27, 2014

Everyone Needs A Little Felt In Their Lives

I love felt! Seriously, love it.  It is colorful, easy to handle, kid friendly, doesn't unravel...must I go on?    I started out making some fun, colorful vegetables.  The Littles loved playing with them.  They were easy for their little hands to hold.   They were soft and fun to squish, and they made a perfect 'ball' to toss back and forth.  

After my veggie success,  I thought a pizza would be fun....and it was!  I bought my pattern from fairyfox on Etsy.  I just made my purchase, she sent me a link for the download, then I just printed it and cut it out.  The fun part about a pattern like this, is that you can tweak it any way you like.

Christmas was on it's way, so a little gifting was in order.  A purse with a compact, phone and wallet for Autumn from the book Big Little Felt Universe.  This gift was a hit.

I saw so many adorable felt cookies online, I knew I had to have my hand at it.  So easy to make, but so cute.  They look adorable on a plate.  I loved making these cookies so much that I opened a shop on Etsy myself.  (my shop is currently offline to catch up and redesign)

Pancakes and eggs, anyone?  The patterns for the cookies and breakfast set were created from my sketches, which you could do with no problem.

My daughter Annie got into the spirit and made a teddy bear and heart.  Felt is very forgiving, which makes it easy for little ones to use.  I give her a large needle and embroidery floss to sew with.  I have some great beginner sewing posts pinned to my board: Sewing For The Beginner.

Sam saw these tools in Bug Little Felt Universe.  They were a bit more time consuming, but so worth the effort.

For Sam's birthday he requested a felt robot. would I make that? I looked for a pattern, but didn't have much luck.  So I found my favorite drawing and used it for inspiration.  Cutting out and sewing the felt together was really pretty easy once I got the dimensions right.

While looking more more felt fun, I came across this amazing idea on Homemade by Jill.  Such an adorable idea.  Tents around here always come crashing down.  But, these felt 'tents' actually slide over a card table.  So cute!  You could create a whole village.  You can also find them on Etsy at Imaginative Play Toys.

Below are a few books I have in my library. They are great resources to have for fun felt projects.

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What things do you like to sew?  Are you obsessed with felt, too?  Or maybe quilting or crochet.  Leave me a comment!

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